Certified Agile Leadership 1-CAL1 ® (CAL-E+CAL-T+CAL-O)

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Is it your challenge to focus on people and mindset within an Agile transition? Do you have as main goal to bring about the culture change? Then our Certified Agile Leadership training is for you. This certification gives you the tools to initiate and manage a change within the organization.

One of the challenges of management is often how to deal with internal resistance during an Agile transition. How do you overcome this resistance and ensure that everyone participates in the transition with motivation and full of confidence and energy? Our certified training gives you all the tools and insights to move from an Agile practitioner to an Agile leader. It gives you the right tools to convince senior management of the value of an Agile transformation.


After participating in the training you will receive your CAL1 (Convertible to CAL-E, CAL-T,CAL-O from January 2021)  certificate from the Scrum Alliance .

Certified Agile Leadership training

Our Agile leadership program is a unique two-day practical training. All Agile leadership competences and qualities are further developed. We train people in effective leadership and we help you to become a better (Agile) leader, regardless of the current role. The common thread of this training is improving the working environment based on Agile values, best practices and various methodologies.

After following this 2-day training, you have taken a new step to intensify your role as an Agile leader. After the training you will receive a highly regarded certificate from the largest and most prominent Scrum organization in the world: Scrum Alliance.

In any case, we cover the following topics:

An overview of what Agile working is and why it is necessary for organizations to survive and be successful
How does Agile work and how can you use it successfully in your organization?
How to identify the benefits, opportunities and impact of Agile in terms of 'business value'
How Agile indicates the 'root cause' of uncertainties in the organization, such as failed projects and dissatisfied customers
The difference between an Agile leader and a traditional leader
Practical tips that are immediately applicable for an Agile leader

Naturally, the content of the training is also ‘Agile’. Based on your learning wishes and goals, a Training Backlog is created for all participants. During the training we will determine whether the learning wishes have been sufficiently treated. During the training there is enough space to deal with your practical challenges. So interaction is central! On to the right culture change within an Agile transition!

During this training you develop at least the following skills:

Agile transformation techniques
Measure the success of an Agile team
Different leadership forms and techniques for an Agile organization
Develop a training plan for all roles within a Scrum team
Recognizing typical challenges within an Agile transition and using an empirical approach to deliver products
Using value-driven product development for your own organization

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Training materials, Certified Agile Leader (CAL) registration and 2-year Scrum Alliance membership.


Virtual Live sessions and at convenient locations in your city


The training is given in English.

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After we have received the registration, we will contact you to finalize the registration. When this has been finalized, we will send the invoice. This must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date, in any case before the start of the training.

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