Hi! We are Epic Agility India and we make the working world a little bit better every day. What we bring is Business Agility and we believe that you get the best results if everyone works with Passion and Freedom.

Epic Agility India was founded by Jeroen Molenaar, who experienced during ING’s Agile transformation that the safeguarding of coaching in the organization brings about lasting change.

During the Agile transformation of ING, Jeroen was responsible for selecting, training, coaching and guiding internal Agile coaches. In addition, he advised senior management in setting up their teams and the organization in an Agile manner; from leadership to operation, from content to governance. Since its inception, the Epic Agility India team has brought acceleration and improvement to DELA, KLM , Triodos, KPN and other proud Dutch companies.

Of course we are also an Agile company. Which means; interdisciplinary employees, small teams, equality as a basis, creativity and innovation as a driving force and plenty of room for autonomy and entrepreneurship. This gives us a continuous insight into how much discipline Agile working entails.

Our vision

The Epic Agility India team provides the best Team Coaches to help accelerate and improve your working method. We bring your team, department or organization:

From good to better, from Business Agility to Epic Agility India.

We create an insightful and clear working method. You have a manageable Portfolio with valuable work for High Performing teams of individuals with shared goals.

We realize:

It's your way of working, we help accelerate!

"A genius person can never have a better idea than a team of collaborating individuals"

Securing Agile in the organization

Epic Agility India has the vision that an agile, innovative and improving organization must start with securing the transformation or change. The start of this change lies in securing the role of Agile Coach in the organization. Compare it with (top) sports teams; why do they have a permanent coach? They want to win and are improving every day.

We bring Business Agility through training and coaching. We can help your coaches with the implementation, or carry out the coaching yourself. Our approach is aimed at increasing Business Agility, by improving on 4 axes:

  • Methode & tooling
  • Results & innovation
  • Change Management
  • Interpersonal collaboration & leadership

Contact us to know more about our coaching approach.

Our team coaches are experienced with both facilitating energetic workshops and Certified training courses of 1 to 2 days, to guiding a change process of several sprints. Always to make an impact based on a clear assignment with a beginning and an end.

From departments that are just busy and discovering the benefits of Agility, to a few teams that have started but want to go faster and certainly also organizations that have been busy for a while and are looking for the next step or refreshment.

Business Agility and Internal entrepreneurship

When it comes to Agility, Agile or Scrum, you often hear the desire to bring the Business and IT together. This is of course an essential part, but Business Agility is more! Business Agility means a self-organizing way of working where teams are fully focused on a customer journey, develop and improve products based on stakeholder and user feedback and actually ‘shell their own beans’ through continuous improvement.

How do we do this? Entrepreneurial Agile teams are composed of business and IT team members who work together on an equal basis. They plan and achieve their own goals, targets and work in a rhythm on their personal growth, supported by peer feedback. This is how you create ‘small businesses’ in the organization where internal entrepreneurship predominates. So there is no longer talk of separate worlds, but we bring them together! By putting together teams with interdisciplinary people, T-shaped team members and no functions but roles, we can help you make the organization more effective and agile.

Agile of Scrum are resources that we believe will help to become faster, more effective and more agile as a team, department and organization.

Agile, through coaching

How do you ensure this change when creating a new corporate culture, structure and way of working? A successful transformation to an agile organization starts with setting the foundation for securing change; an internal Agile Coach and a clear goal. A (top) sports team has a permanent coach to help the team towards victory and their common goal; to win! Why have companies not organized coaching internally to continue to help their teams win?

The transformation starts with formulating clear and understandable cultural values ​​that form the foundation on which the organization is based. No separation between IT and Business, but together with a common “purpose” aimed at (customer) value. The Agile Coach plays an important role in this as a culture carrier of the new organization and as a catalyst for change.

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From our ‘purpose’ to transform the working world, we work together on values ​​based at Epic Agility India. A little bit better every day. These values ​​together form our corporate culture and help us to improve our services and mutual cooperation.

We innovate and excel and believe that every person should be able to work with passion and freedom. We have an epic network of passionate ambassadors. This is how we realize our big dreams.
At Epic Agility India:
We have fun with each other and our relations
You would rather make an impact than hours
Is our foundation trust, we dare to be vulnerable and we are completely transparent
We help each other to be successful and to learn optimally from our mistakes
We strive for the highest quality
Is your idea a good idea, so make it happen