Hi!  We are Epic Agility India and we are making the working world a little bit better every day!

What we bring is Business Agility and we believe that you get the best Results if everyone works with Passion and Freedom. We help with Agile coaching within Marketing, HR, Sales and IT. We have years of hands-on experience in dozens of Agile transformations and hundreds of training courses.
Epic Agility India is active at different levels within an organization: from C-level and Senior management to coaching one Agile team. We do this for marketing and business teams, business operations or hardware teams. And of course we also coach teams within IT.
At Epic Agility India we do things just a little bit different and especially a little bit better every day. We provide the best Team Coaches to help accelerate and improve your working method. Your team, department or organization goes from: Good to Better, from Business Agility to Epic Agility India. So we don’t just roll out Scrum or Agile
It is your working method, we help accelerate!
Find a workout!Get a little better, we are happy to help you!

Curious how we do that?


We offer Agile workshops and Certified Scrum training. Our pride; the first and most versatile Agile Coach training.

Personal growth

At Epic Agility India you grow every day as a professional, by sharing knowledge and experience.

Organisation advice

We advise during the Agile transformation. It is your way of working; we help to accelerate.

Epic is Agile!

We also work Agile, on many levels feedback loops, high transparency and a self-organizing team


Individual, Agile / Scrum team or leadership coaching; we have the right people.

Passion and Talent

At Epic Agility India, we strive for interdisciplinary teams with a lot of passion and the greatest Agile talent.

You are in good company:

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